Still Stepping: A Family Portrait

by Karen Davis
 Karen Davis
Text: The Morgan Orton family
Preface: Alison Nordström, Ph.D.
Introduction: Jeffrey A. Lieberman, M.D.

still stepping - book photo

Spanning twenty-two years, my book, Still Stepping: A Family Portrait is a word and image portrait of a family as it cruises along, gets clobbered by a treacherous childhood illness, and then moves forward.
Amidst the quotidian of life, my photographs and the family’s words—from letters, an essay, a documentary and interviews—provide an intimate window into a world turned upside down then righted by two shaken but determined parents.

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Warren Street Blues, 
One day in the time of the Pandemic

A 3 minute slide show accompanied by slow blues  piano (James Booker style) by Andrew Campbell

In September 2020, six months into the pandemic, I accepted a challenge. I was to select a color, walk outside with that color in mind then come back and write about it. I chose the color blue and walked out my door onto Warren Street, Hudson, the main street of town. But I took my camera with me instead of a “virtual pen.” The exercise was revealing. The focus on a single color meant I was on a hunt, not just a stroll. I slowed down and saw my environment with new eyes. The result is Warren Street Blues, a three minute slideshow with slow blues piano accompaniment, a way to share the street as I saw it that day.

Recent photographic project: Strangely Attracted

Strangely Attracted – The Met, d’Orsay

Strangely Attracted is a series of paired images that synthesize two photographic impulses.  As I find correspondences between a) my photographs of the quotidian and b) details of fine art paintings, I discover latent possibilities. Everyday life becomes elevated and worthy of note.  The painted hands take on a hint of familiarity—more akin to the everyday.  The resulting composition, the diptych, creates a space where conversation takes place.