In Vietnam

About the photographs

In December 1999, I traveled to Vietnam. My guide and companion was my son, Jonathan, a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin.  After he received his Ph.D., Jonathan married Nan and moved to Singapore, then Hong Kong as a university professor. Jesse was born in Spring, 2008.  In December 2008, my husband, Mark and I traveled to Hong Kong then we all headed to Hanoi where Jonathan introduced his friends to baby Jesse.

About the presentations

I have been experimenting with various software options for presenting my images on the web and am using this section about visits to Vietnam to illustrate some of approaches I could take.

  • a) Vietnam 1999 and b) Hanoi 2008 represent the linear presentation that can include a narrative.
  • Hanoi SV is Simple Viewer Gallery
  • Hanoi nexgen is a gallery program that includes a slide show.  It also will show each image against a dark background if the thumbnail is selected.
  • Hanoi-FlipBook uses Flipping Book software.  Images can appear on a single page or be split. I am still working out dimensions and use of text, but this presents the idea. (a navigation bar is possible but I chose not to include it in this example.

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